By Ellie Chen

Can’t sleep at night? Well, you’re not alone. Many students stay up extremely late to finish their work, and when they are finally done, they can’t seem to fall asleep.

You can actually get better sleep because there are some nighttime gadgets that have been built to help people fall asleep. These gadgets appeal to the five sense and allow one to peacefully drift into sleep. How do they work and would MV students consider using these?

The Essential Oils Essential to Sleep

The first gadgets are ones that appeal to a person’s sense of smell. Ultrasonic essential oil and aroma diffusers can help their customers fall asleep more easily by providing a natural pleasant scent.

Essential oils and carrier oils can be used along with the diffusers. They have many different scents ranging from citrus to resin and wood. These essential oils promote mental clarity, help people relax and sleep, and boost energy.

Many studies have shown that different essential oils can help treat problems, such as lavender’s ability to help people sleep better. Research shows that lavender increases brain alpha waves associated with relaxation and deep sleep, according to Health. In a study conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center, people who received massages with lavender felt less anxious and more positive than those who received massages alone.

Sophomore Diana Qing sometimes has trouble falling asleep on school nights. “I probably would not use this because I’m really sensitive to smells,” Qing said, “ And if it is too strong, I might get a headache or feel uncomfortable.”

A variety of aroma diffusers can help people fall asleep more easily by diffusing essential oils. (Flickr/Your Best Digs)
A variety of aroma diffusers can help people fall asleep more easily by diffusing essential oils. (Flickr/Your Best Digs

Appealing to the Sense of Hearing

Another device that has been created to help people fall asleep is the white noise machine. In addition, there are apps and digital machines that can also produce white noise. According to Popular Science, white noises are noises that come out evenly across all hearable frequencies. Noises wake people up at night because of the sudden inconsistencies. White noise machines and apps prevent this from happening and therefore giving the user a quality rest.

Combatting the Effects of Online Homework

According to WebMD, small amounts of light from electronic devices such as computers and cellphones pass through the retina into a parts of the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that controls several sleep activities).

To combat this, special lights have a colored sunrise and sunset simulation to help transition into sleep at night and out of sleep in the morning,. People who tend to look at electronic devices shortly before going to bed can benefit from this.

When asked if Qing would consider using this device, she said, “I use my computer and phone a lot before sleeping so this would be helpful.”

Many other students at MV also tend to check their phones and do homework on computers before sleeping.

Tea: A Simple But Effective Method

A more simple way to face the problem of sleep deprivation is to drink certain teas before bed. These teas contains cardamom and cinnamon, two spices that are known to cause relaxation. Vitatalalay states that cinnamon alleviates stress and helps with digestion, helping people with having a quality sleep.

This tea also contains chamomile, which has apigenin, a flavonoid, which binds to brain receptors to reduce anxiety. Apigenin also has many other benefits, such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that have been scientifically proven.

Just by drinking some bedtime tea, you can experience the positive effects of these. The ingredients in the tea all have many benefits to the human body, so consuming them will only help.

“I would drink this tea since it seems like a cheap and simple way to help people fall asleep”, Qing said.

The Importance of Pajamas

The last of the five senses is touch. For this aspect of sleeping, Under Armour has created Performance Pajamas that resemble a mix of athletic gear and classic pajamas. A bioceramic coating reflects far infrared rays from body heat back to the skin.

Everyone is aware of the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleep not only makes us feel better, but it also directly affects our ability to learn, immune functions, memory, metabolism, and many other important aspects of our lives.

So next time you have a test coming up, instead of studying all night, use one of these products and feel the effects of getting enough sleep.

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