MVHS’ STEM Research Elective

By Nika Zamani From the countless elective options offered at MVHS, the STEM research class is a course that requires students to conduct an experiment in math, physical science, life science, technology or engineering. The data collected will then be entered into the Synopsys Science Fair, an annual competition allowing students to present their independent project-based … Continue reading MVHS’ STEM Research Elective

Why Music Can be Orange and Make You Cry

By Ramya Chamkeri To Pharrell Williams, his song “Happy” has always been a jumble of reds and yellows and pinks. "[W]ell ... it's not red, it's more like orange,” Pharrell said. “But then it's a little pink, a little rainbow-y, because of the minor chords or whatever." His condition is called synesthesia, which according to Live … Continue reading Why Music Can be Orange and Make You Cry