Lunar – The Thirty Billion Dollar Magic Trick

Weren’t interrogation rooms supposed to be more... daunting? Where were the flickering fluorescent tubes and flimsy plastic chairs? Edwin glanced around the room. The ostentatiously-flowered wallpaper vaguely reminded him of his dentist back home. Speaking of, he made a mental note to call his mother after the whole ordeal was over. His home telephone had … Continue reading Lunar – The Thirty Billion Dollar Magic Trick

Debunking Overseas Spyware

An indepth-technological study into why the conspiracy theory that the Chinese government is spying on TikTok users is false. By Shreya Mantripragada & Nika Zamani A multi-billion dollar company, TikTok has infiltrated the lives of billions of individuals worldwide. On August 2, 2018, ByteDance Ltd, a technology company based in China, acquired, TikTok’s predecessor, … Continue reading Debunking Overseas Spyware