No matter where humans go, they will always be the source of destruction

On a peaceful night in a softly moonlit cave, the pale skin of a Martian sheened as the creature stood on its two legs. Raising its two arms to stretch before falling asleep, the creature tilted its head toward the moons Phobos and Deimos.

Suddenly, the massive red walls hummed to life, causing scarlet dust to descend from the ceiling. Soon enough, large chunks of red rock began crumbling and falling as well. Calling to the others, the creature gave out a sharp cry and scampered for the nearest cover.

As the air rapidly heated up, the creatures felt as if needles jabbed into every part of their body until a brisk breeze blew the needles away, and everything was still as it was before.

Still terrified of the supposed marsquake, the Martians fearfully began poking their heads out in succession. Yet, what they saw caused their black, beady eyes to dilate in shock: ten massive rockets settled outside the cave, and the rockets’ steam filled the atmosphere. Tensely waiting for what was going to happen, the startled creatures did not utter a sound. When the mist finally cleared, hundreds of humans in spacesuits appeared.

“Let’s start unloading, everyone,” Captain Williams said. “Hustle! I want to get the cargo off the rockets as fast as humanly possible.”

When the astronauts finished unloading the cargo, they assembled near the captains.

“Listen up,” Williams said in a gruff voice. “These giant rock structures are huge obstacles to the development of our city. I want those bulldozed. Now!”

The team of bulldozers, lined up like feller bunchers, turned on their engines and advanced. The structures of rock, just like trees in a forest, collapsed to nothing but fine dust underneath the vehicles.

Inside their originally secure rock homes, the Martians ran to and fro in distress.

When the homes felt the brunt of the dozers’ impact, they bursted into pieces that flew in every direction, and the dozers engulfed what remained of the one thousand-year-old homes into the gaping maws.

The Martians felt the “lub-dub” of their heartbeat punch harder against the inside of their chests as fear and rage gathered in their hearts and pumped through their veins. Fury drove one individual out, and the creature locked eyes with the humans responsible for the destruction.

“What on Mars is that thing!” Astronaut Garcia yelled at his partner.

“Stop all bulldozers!” Astronaut Walker replied. “Command, t-t-t-this is Astronaut Walker, a-a-and we have come in contact with what seems like an alien life form!”

“What does it look like?” the commander said from Earth after moments of excitement in the command station. “How many are there?”

Unable to hear the commander’s question, the drivers were whooping with joy and excitement for being the first to discover aliens.

A few moments later a wave of Martians started rushing out from all the caves, rendering the astronauts in the dozers dumbfounded.

The Martians all stood on two legs, but they started to simultaneously bend down gradually and go on all fours. They then lifted up their heads and locked their dark eyes at the drivers.

One creature let out a prolonged shrieking howl that only Martian ears could hear that resounded through the valleys. Many other cries responded, and the creatures bolted at full speed toward the dozers.

“Go, go, go,” Astronaut Garcia demanded. “Turn the dozers around! We need to get out of here! Command, the aliens started to charge at us for no reason.”

The agile Martians, like antelopes in a stampede, caught up with the sluggish dozers within seconds and released their anger by ramming their bodies onto the vehicles, tilting fifty ton vehicles to the side.

Meanwhile, around the landing area, sweat dripped down inside the helmets of the astronauts who gritted their teeth while straining their muscles to haul heavy equipment. When they saw the incoming wave, they stopped what they were doing and became as stiff as statues.

“Attention, all astronauts, abort the mission!” the commander told every astronaut through the comms.

“Everyone, go inside the rockets. Now!” Captain Williams shouted as his gaze was forever fastened on the pack of creatures.

The astronauts forcibly pushed and shoved each other as everyone was trying to get in first, causing unfortunate ones to fall and to be trampled over. Even with everyone’s body bumping against each other, the horrified astronauts’ eyes never left the source of fear.

Once the astronauts settled down in the inside of the rockets, sighs of relief and muffled cries of grief were the only audible noises.

“Did you get everyone on board?” the commander asked. “Make sure you –”

The commander’s statement was interrupted by the “clash” and “clang” on the outside of the rocket, followed by the nervous chatter of astronauts.

“I’m not sure, sir,” Captain Williams replied. “We can’t leave without refueling, but we should be safe inside these rockets.”

“No one will speak of this,” the commander decreed.

Seeing that their enemies had fled, the Martians left the overturned dozers and the wrecked equipment and searched for a new home.

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