MVHS students share why they choose to take certain science courses

For many, choosing what classes to take are already extremely stressful, but at a school like MVHS where the pressure to excel in the hardest classes is at an all-time high, submitting the yearly course selection form is more stressful than ever. 

Junior Jordan Tashjian is currently taking AP Biology, a class that he considers to be one of the hardest classes he’s ever taken. He says that he knew what the workload was going into the class, yet still chose to take it due to his interest in Biology that stemmed from taking Biology freshman year. 

“I feel like I learned [a lot] from Biology [freshman year] and it made me really interested in the subject,” Tashjian said. “My teacher [freshman year] was a really good teacher, and she really inspired me to pursue learning more about biology.” 

Sophomore Prisha Balan’s experience with course selection hasn’t been as positive, as she believes the biggest reason why she chose to take AP Physics 1 this year was due to pressure both from her parents and her peers. 

“I [feel like] all the smart people are taking AP Physics 1, so I feel like I have to take the class in order to be considered smart,” Balan said. 

Balan said that last year, right before course selection forms were due, she was debating back and forth between whether taking AP Physics 1 was the right decision for her. She believes that had her parents not pushed her so much, she would have chosen to take Chemistry Honors instead, a class considered to be easier as it isn’t an AP class. 

However, Balan ultimately decided to take AP Physics 1, as she wants to take the same classes that her friends are taking so they can bond over the classes together, and also help each other out when necessary.

Sophomore Nichole Go is currently taking Physics, but she isn’t too satisfied as to why she’s taking the class.  

“[This year] I really wanted to take AP Biology, my friends from another school took it this year too, and they are sophomores,” Go said.  

MVHS does not offer AP biology to students sophomore year, which leads to many students taking it outside of school. 

“Taking it outside of school is way harder than taking it in school,” Go says. Her concern continues to grow because the course she is taking outside of school is a struggle. “I only meet with my teacher once a week on zoom for an hour and she gives us homework but that’s it” for Go flipped learning has been hard and worries that she might struggle on the AP test.

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