Kymriah: Gateway for new possibilities

The first FDA approved gene therapy treatment could revolutionize medical treatment By Charlotte Chui With new strides in medicine constantly being made, the subject of genetic modification and its applications in medical treatments have certainly been a prominent topic of speculation. Yet when these possibilities arise in discussion, whether in casual conversation or in biology … Continue reading Kymriah: Gateway for new possibilities

The machine’s controller

When artificial intelligence holds a community’s power, what does society sacrifice? By Charlotte Chui It ran like a machine. Perhaps a flawed machine, a prone to malfunctioning machine, but a machine nonetheless. Here’s what should be valued by the Machine: The ability to feel—to recognize, use, manage and understand emotions. The ability to think—to deduce, … Continue reading The machine’s controller

Crash Course: Natural Disasters

A geographical overview of disaster-prone California By Charlotte Chui Located next to the Pacific Ocean and nestled on top of thousands of known fault lines, California has a reputation as one of the most disaster-prone states. The state is the breeding ground for various natural disasters, ranging from raging floods to damaging wildfires. With this … Continue reading Crash Course: Natural Disasters

The psychology behind the holiday shopping frenzy

The science behind impulsive shopping and decision-making By Charlotte Chui and Brenna Chen With the chilly weather and holiday festivities, it’s becoming apparent that the holidays are fast approaching. For some, it may be welcomed as an eager respite from the strenuous school year, while for others, it may be cherished as a time for … Continue reading The psychology behind the holiday shopping frenzy

SuperMeat: The path to a sustainable future

Lab-grown meat may be a sustainable alternative to conventional meat By Charlotte Chui The Problem Climate change. It's a term met with controversy. There’s denial that it’s occurring, that it’s a conspiracy. But in 2014, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) established a worldwide scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, leaving citizens with … Continue reading SuperMeat: The path to a sustainable future