She Dared to Create

In a world where AI art has completely replaced the need for human artists, the last of the creative population begin to get persecuted. The story follows a young girl who grows up with art in the period of AI's fast development and attempts to hide her hand-drawn art amongst the influx of AI art. After a yearly examination that evaluates every student in each school for their "creativeness", she scores too high. This story will examine the effects of AI in a future, dystopian society, and the suppression of humanity and self-expression.

Other Eye

A look into a disease-ravaged high school, and the mental instability that follows. Everyone wants to kill. This was unlike any pandemic or lockdown known to mankind. This was something new, something completely unexpected.  What happened? How did my life get flipped upside down? How have I seen people kill, people in pain? The most … Continue reading Other Eye