Wordle-ly Wise

Five Letters, Six Guesses, Infinite Strategies Tears. Crate. Adieu. Five letter words like these, seemingly unrelated, have taken the world by storm in the new New York Times trending word game — Wordle. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn, NY, as a romantic gift for his partner. Wardle’s game has … Continue reading Wordle-ly Wise

Forensic Fiction

Forensic science has made major breakthroughs in cold cases, and with a speck of dust nearly invisible to the eye, can deduce far more information that detectives used to ever be able to do by hand. However, with this television portrayal of forensics comes many misconceptions and stereotypes, but how many are really true?

The Gut Microbiome: The Microscopic Kingdom Within Us

Exploring gut bacteria’s  influence throughout the body. A huge diversity of microscopic organisms reside within us and influence our health and bodies in a multitude of ways, and different eating healthier changes the way a person feels. MVHS Senior, Nethra Narasimhan, encompasses this idea. “The food I eat really changes how I'm feeling, whether it … Continue reading The Gut Microbiome: The Microscopic Kingdom Within Us