Birth was a painful affair protracted by the strange sensation of having already experienced it. He/She/It/They/Them stood as they had millions of times before, his body taking to the cold marble with a kind of purpose she had never before felt.  It cruised through hallways, a silent stalker searching for that which their minds had … Continue reading Kintsugi


A scientist creates the first artificial creature, a feat once impossible, but leads to the connection between the forces of nature… and chaos. “I’ve bloody done it.” I’ve done it. I’ve really done it. In the sparkling white lab with marbled floors, filled with cutting-edge technology and not a speck of dust in the air, … Continue reading Homunculus

From Classroom to Computer – A Look at Remote (STEM) Education

The effects of remote learning on STEM education, the relevance of math and computer science in higher education, and the Monta Vista social climate The pandemic has changed teaching and learning styles alike. Every day, Dr. Sanjeev Bhojraj, Alumni Professor of Asset Management at Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School, logs online to teach over four … Continue reading From Classroom to Computer – A Look at Remote (STEM) Education