Mushroom Mania: The Bizarre, Lovely World of Mycology

Mushroom hunting sometimes gets a bad rap, whether because of associations with “magic mushrooms” or horror stories about accidental poisonings. But mushroom hunting offers a fascinating glimpse into the mycological wonderland of our backyards, parks, and forests. By Daria Syskine Unidentified mushrooms (possibly family Psathyrellaceae) at Rancho San Antonio Park. Like other fungi, they’re small … Continue reading Mushroom Mania: The Bizarre, Lovely World of Mycology

Crash Course: Natural Disasters

A geographical overview of disaster-prone California By Charlotte Chui Located next to the Pacific Ocean and nestled on top of thousands of known fault lines, California has a reputation as one of the most disaster-prone states. The state is the breeding ground for various natural disasters, ranging from raging floods to damaging wildfires. With this … Continue reading Crash Course: Natural Disasters