She Dared to Create

In a world where AI art has completely replaced the need for human artists, the last of the creative population begin to get persecuted. The story follows a young girl who grows up with art in the period of AI's fast development and attempts to hide her hand-drawn art amongst the influx of AI art. After a yearly examination that evaluates every student in each school for their "creativeness", she scores too high. This story will examine the effects of AI in a future, dystopian society, and the suppression of humanity and self-expression.

Wordle-ly Wise

Five Letters, Six Guesses, Infinite Strategies Tears. Crate. Adieu. Five letter words like these, seemingly unrelated, have taken the world by storm in the new New York Times trending word game — Wordle. Wordle was created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn, NY, as a romantic gift for his partner. Wardle’s game has … Continue reading Wordle-ly Wise

A Drop of Blood: The Long-Awaited Results of the Theranos Trial

The result of the Theranos trial and what it entails for women in STEM “One tiny drop changes everything.” The development of new blood-testing technology in Silicon Valley—more efficient, affordable, and painless—claimed to be able to perform over 240 blood tests through the sample of a single drop of blood. This process would be considered … Continue reading A Drop of Blood: The Long-Awaited Results of the Theranos Trial